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On-the-Job Training

Wine business is booming in China. The wine trade demands large numbers of staff to bring the business to the companies. The staff shall be trained to equip with adequate wine knowledge as well as the selling techniques. The Director of E&C Wine had been the Asia Pacific Regional Sales Director of multinational companies for many years. He designs and tailor-makes programs for each client. The following is our standard programme:

Selling Skills and Wine Knowledge for Sales People

Objectives and Expected Outcomes:

Training the staff of Cheers Wine Cellar in Shanghai (all staff members are the graduates of Wine Academy of China’s North West Agricultural University)

Train the sales people in wine stores and wine clubs. The sales people will be able to close sales using the selling techniques and wine knowledge.


Lectures supplemented with role-play sessions

  1. Establishing a positive and correct attitude in selling
    (Are you ready to be a successful salesperson?)
    • Is selling what you want to do?
    • Who can/cannot be a salesperson?
    • The positioning and role of a salesperson.
  2. Knowing different types of wine customers
  3. Understanding your products
    (The actual content will be based on the wines carried by the client)
    • The Basics : How to appreciate wine (illustrated by 4 wines of different styles)
    • Wine storage and services
    • Key grapes varieties and their characteristics
    • Bordeaux : Key AOCs and how to say them in French. What are Grand Cru and Cru Bourgeois?
    • New World and Old World
    • How to read the labels of selected countries (based on the product portfolio of the client)
  4. How to identify the type of customer and sell to them?
  5. Closing sale
  6. How to increase the sales amount of a deal
    • Suggestion selling

Duration: 16 hours

To discuss your corporate needs, please call us at 2967-0990 or send email to cs@encwine.com

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